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Great copy is the beating heart of any content strategy.

In fact, studies show that blogging leads to 55% more website visitors. That is why you don’t just hire any blog writer or AI writer. Hire a content writer who can craft story-driven, comprehensive, value-packed content.

Claire is one such content writer who loves to help businesses build brand loyalty and engagement through simple –GREAT– content for their blogs. She works alongside brands and companies to help them translate their big visions and stories into tangible, relatable, story-driven content. Copy that connects (and, in the long term – converts).  All while integrating the latest SEO-optimization strategies to ensure these blogs connect organically with the right people.  

Content Writing Packages

Choosing the right blog package for your business

After years of working in this space, I discovered that my secret sauce lies in curating deep and wide-spanning blog content for businesses and brands. I love working alongside growing businesses and category leaders (or those in pursuit). Helping them curate a body of work to help grow authority in their space. Depending on your content needs, I offer three main packages: 

01/ The Starter bundle

The Steady Storyteller

You are a solo business owner or curious brand looking to integrate an organic blog strategy alongside your existing content efforts. You are looking to explore the waters of increasing organic website traffic and opportunities to connect to your audience. Working alongside your existing content strategy (or working together to curate some foundational SEO and content pillars), I will help curate a content plan for up to 30 articles – delivering around 5 articles per month for 6 months.


The Growing Content Hub

You are a business looking to connect deeper with your existing audience, to drive traffic to your website and position yourself as an informative and respected resource for your community and niche. Together we will curate a blog content strategy (optional to integrate from a larger content marketing plan) and curate 30-120 blog pieces – delivering around 5-10 articles per month for 6 to 12 months.


The Industry Leader

You are a leader in your space (or climbing your way there). You are looking for a bold strategy to start ranking or continue to grow your organic SEO-optimized content and position yourself as a thought leader. I will work alongside your existing marketing goals and content pillars to curate a blog strategy for up to 240 articles – delivering up to 20 blogs per month for 6 to 12 months.

If you would like to work together on a one-time project, please send me an email to chat more about your project scope at hello@claireennistaylor.com

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Hundreds of blog articles later…

In the last few years I have produced hundreds of SEO-optimized blog articles – helping leaders in their space connect with new audiences, grow authority and increase their organic reach. But it didn’t happen overnight…

I began my writing career at the ripe age of four when I discovered the thrilling permanence that words hold– or rather, the permanence of my marker on my cousin’s bedroom walls. The masterpiece read “I was here”, and thanks to my supportive aunty, it still lives on in that cupboard to this day. 

In later years, I put my pen to greater, more constructive uses as a travel writer while circumnavigating Australia in my VW campervan. I began writing for top travel blogs like We Are Global Travellers and Nomadasaurus. Sharing top tips for exploring local gems and outlining my most beloved travel itineraries and experiences. Since then, I have expanded into working full-time as a freelance content writer specializing in organic blog content.

I tap into my years of professional writing experience (as well as the unabashed zest for words in my wall-writing years) to help clients connect with new audiences through SEO optimization and grow authority in their niche through thoughtfully crafted and value-packed blog content. 

Still have questions?

Here are a few of the top questions about my content writing services: