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Meet Claire Taylor

I’m a writer, digital nomad and multi-passionate human who has turned my kryptonite of ‘too many passions’ into my secret weapon – helping businesses execute simply great content that connects.

My M.O. is helping businesses build brand loyalty and engagement through simple – GREAT– content for their blogs. I work alongside brands and companies to help them translate their big visions and stories into tangible, relatable, story-driven content that connects (and, in the long term – converts).  All while integrating the latest SEO-optimization strategies to ensure these blogs connect organically with the right people.  

So whether you are looking for a one-off post or a fully SEO optimized blog strategy or a series of blogs…

Claire is a creative storyteller with a key talent for curating that perfect mix of artistic flair, storytelling and valuable information to help brands connect with their audience. Using her background in psychology and communications paired with her international lifestyle she brings a unique global voice to every piece she writes.

Getting the first draft

The process from start to finish.


Free discovery call

Ready to hire a content writer and start creating great blog content? On this call, I get to know the big, juicy message you want to share with the world and the people you want to connect with. 


Create a Game Plan

Once we have had a chance to meet, revel in your message and take a deep dive into the scope/depth of the freelance writing project – to begin, I’ll send through quote for the project. Once we have a green light – it’s time to get planning. 


Creating the bones

I will work alongside any existing content strategy and marketing plans to generate an outline of essential content pillars to be transformed into punchy on-brand blog posts. After you review the content outline and post titles, we will jump on a call together to review the content overview – refining the content plan and consolidate any final SEO or voice and branding. 


Finding your Voice

Next, you will receive a full draft of one of the deep, value-driven cornerstone pieces for your business blog. This is our chance to review any small changes and to offer any final adjustments to the tone of voice, branding and so on – ensuring that these words are reverberating your brand voice and will connect to your audience. 


Monthly deliveries

From here– it is so simple. You get to go back out into the world– creating your great work, and each month I will continue to deliver great, informative, SEO-optimized articles to help your audience find, learn about and connect with your brand. This will continue for as long as the project scope extends – depending on your content goals.

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Will you be part of their next search?