for those looking to live a freedom-fuelled lifestyle

While being able to work from anywhere has never been easier, it’s also never come with so many challenges. Tune in for remote work tips, nomadic lifestyle hacks, and best of all, hear from travellers around the world who are out there living it: travelling while navigating the ups and downs of living and working on the road.

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The Story Behind the Free Living Podcast

After years of trying to live the 9-5, escaping on weekends, all while dreaming of travelling the world full time and being able to work from anywhere, I decided it was time to do it! So I quit my job, moved overseas and leapt into the unknown.

I went to work to figure out how to create this kick ass life i had been dreaming of. The thing is… while there were so many examples of ways to get ahead financially and start a business, I kept wondering how did they get to where they are now? How did these digital nomads navigate lonliness? the challenges of the road?

That’s when I decided to start this podcast so I could sit down with travellers from around the world and hear their stories and share tips and tricks on business/remote work AS WELL AS how to THRIVE in this lifestyle!

Meet Your Host

Claire Taylor

I’m a traveller, writer and podcaster with a passion for nomadic living and sharing powerful stories. On the podcast, I love chatting with travellers and experts from around the world on how we (the location impermanent!) can all thrive in a nomadic way of life.